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After a week break, here it is everyone—the season 3 premiere of the LA Web Fest 2014 officially selected & Karlton T. Clay created web series The Lyons Den! I have been waiting to view & post this episode since the final two episodes of season 2 were so crazy and filled with so many twists and turns that I am FOR SURE that season 3 will be nothing less than amazing. In this premiere episode(titled “Apologize(It’s Too Late)”), it’s been six months after Lucas’ death and the Lyons siblings are trying to figure out what’s next. Meanwhile, a new visitor comes to town ready to cause some trouble. The Lyons Den stars returning cast members Victoria Wilson, Shantelle Wheeler, Sam Evans, and Reishal Monique, with DJ Jackson & Torrence White officially joining the cast. This episode guest stars Stacy Camille, Tyrice Lollis, Kendra Clay(also known as artist Life Under Virtue), Courtney Dionne, Shatareia Stokes, Ustace Farley, Keturah Jackson, Edward McCoy, Jarvis Wilson, Kwashane Dijiare, and creator Karlton T. Clay even has a role in this episode(and will have in more episodes).

After watching this episode, I instantly said, “WOW.” There were so many twists and turns that I just cannot wait to watch the next episode. Karlton T. Clay definitely is keeping me as a faithful fan of The Lyons Den for sure! YOU can view this episode of The Lyons Den below.

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Photo Credit: The Lyons Den Episode 3.17 on YOUTUBE

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