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Season two of the amazing web series Dear Jesus is finally here and I’m so excited since I LOVED every minute of season one. Created by the talented Danielle A. Scott-Haughton, Dear Jesus ended with Merecedes(Linda Adey) pretty much speechless when her ex-boyfriend(who cheated on her with her friend) tells her that he wants her back. In the season premiere(titled “Who The Hell Are You?”), Mercedes is forced to choose between her cheating ex-boyfriend, who wants a second try at their relationship, and the new man in her life, David, who wants to make things official between them. While it may seem like a no-brainer, Mercedes and her ex have history and though she really likes David, she hasn’t known him as long. Also, there’s something fishy going on with Rochelle and with Mercedes’ mother in Jamaica, someone new comes in to help the shop and it’s someone who knows Mercedes VERY WELL. Dear Jesus stars Adey, Leonie Haynes-Moses, Samantha Earle, Tristan Smith-Morris, and Paula Kay. YOU can view this episode of Dear Jesus below.

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