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Last week, we had a premiere post for a new web series joining the Black Talent TV family and that is the web series Downtown Girls. To refresh your memory, “Downtown Girls is a loosely scripted, comedic web series created and produced by Emebeit Beyene, Crystal Boyd, Chivonne Michelle and Chandra Russell(all who star as the main four characters) under 1990 Lex Productions, Inc. It is directed by Kevin Walker and written by Jessica Lamour. 1990 Lex Productions is a multi-media entertainment production company that is dedicated to creating a new narrative that deconstructs modern experiences, explores relationships, and celebrates women.”

The amazing characters in this web series are Abney(Boyd), Zo(Russell), Sam(Beyene), and Alex(Michelle).

In the premiere episode(titled “Spring Break”),  Zo and Abney raise money for their college senior Spring Break trip. This episode of Downtown Girls is HILARIOUS and you can watch it below!

Just note that although we have a whole season to go on Black Talent TV, season two is on its way and the tagline is “To raise money to launch their own business four NYU grads turn their Lower East Side apartment into a lucrative nightclub.” Uh oh!

You can VISIT the official site, LIKE the show on Facebook, FOLLOW on Twitter, and FOLLOW on Instagram.

Photo Credit: YOUTUBE/DOWNTOWN GIRLS Youtube Account

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