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Another amazing web series is joining the Black Talent TV family and it’s one that has a really powerful storyline. Directed and written by Ericka Harden, C.A.K.E. follows Justice, an ex-makeup artist turned human rights activist, who gets a taste of how we are NOT in living in a post racial society. She joins an underground agency located in a gentleman’s lounge. As a C.A.K.E. Agent, Justice learns what racism is and how it affects language, our thoughts, and equality of justice consciously and unconsciously through the help of her three coworkers. Stay tuned to see if these four personalities can unify to accomplish solving the world’s biggest problem. Sounds good, right? The web series stars Daryl Anthony Harper, Kendra Hill, Ayo Sorrell, and Harden herself. YOU can check out the premiere episode(titled “Cake Batter”) of the amazing web series C.A.K.E. below.

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