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A new web series is joining the Black Talent TV family and it is Mark St. Cyr written & Ross Denyer directed The Verge, which is a story about artists in New York City struggling to make a name for themselves, the pitfalls of ambition, the trouble with success, and the people who get left behind. The web series stars Cyr, Denyer, Chelsea Watts, Max Korn, Tali Custer, Pamela Rose Rodriguez, Erik Baker, Jenness Rouse, Nicole Lockhart, and Monique St. Cyr. The series is just amazing and incredibly well shot. Truthfully, I’ve been looking for a show that perfectly combines artistry with a bit of the drama and romance that we, the viewers, like in some of our favorite TV series. The web series will officially premiere on Black Talent TV next week but you can view the teaser & official trailer to The Verge below.

You can VISIT The Verge’s official site, FOLLOW the show on Twitter, LIKE the show on Facebook, and FOLLOW the show on Instagram.




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