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Get ready for an amazing talented artist who is sure to make a big stride in the entertainment world sooner than later! Kwame Berry is an actor, playwright, and student who’s recently had his own share of success. Berry, a native of Columbus, Ohio, has always had an affinity for creativity. Working mainly as an actor, he is also a graduate of the Acting for Film + Television Program at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. Writing seemed like the natural next step, beginning with his debut play Ursula, a Best Play Nominee at the 2013 NYC Thespis Theater Festival. It continues as Ursula enters production as a feature film in 2014. His desires are to create and portray characters that both challenge and motivate him. Ursula centers on the offbeat children of a fallen 70’s screen star must work out their differences when a string of murders are committed not far from their abode. Their mother’s infamous history lands them in an inescapable truth that could ultimately lead them to ruin.

There is currently a GoFundMe fundraising campaign going on to generate funding for the film and if you would like to help fund this amazing project, you can CLICK HERE.

Berry is a star and I look forward to Ursula making its way to the motion picture world and I strongly encourage that YOU all remember his name now because it will be everywhere SOON. Below, you can watch a video of the making of the play Ursula.

The Making of – Ursula written by Kwamë Berry from TresPoint on Vimeo.

You can VISIT Berry’s official site, FOLLOW him on Twitter, LIKE him on Facebook, and FOLLOW him on Instagram.

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