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A new web series is joining the Black Talent TV family and it is the Avril Speaks directed and co-written with Monee Fields-White(who also serves as Producer) web series Sisters. The big 4-0 is just around the corner. Like it or not, it’s a milestone that makes us all question our dreams and hopes for our lives. Did we get it all wrong? What did we do right?

Sisters tells the story of the Wilson sisters’ struggle to accept the fact that life at 40 looks nothing like they planned—or even expected. They chased the dreams of being married to the ideal man, living in the perfect house, having the perfect children and successful careers. But life has its curveballs.

For the Wilson sisters(Alexus Rhone as Angie, Tanya Alexander as Karen, Tamarra Graham as Nadine and E.D. Brown as Melodie), it all starts when they’re hit hard with the realities that their mother—once the family’s strong and nurturing backbone—is growing quite frail. And it’s happening faster than they could have ever imagined as she’s once again hospitalized following a traumatic fall. This time, the sisters have to make the serious and dreaded decision about their mother’s future care. In the nine-part series, the constant bickering and misunderstandings among the sisters may end up doing more harm than good—especially as they face head on their own fears about getting older and being unfulfilled.

Sounds good, right? Well, the web series will officially premiere next week but until then, you can view the intro to Sisters below to just get YOU excited for the show that is AMAZING…trust me!

You can VISIT the Sisters official site, FOLLOW on Twitter, and LIKE on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Sisters Facebook Page

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