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This isn’t the first time that musician/producer Lusive has been featured as a LOOK WHO’S NEXT artist on Black Talent TV. To refresh your memory, the North East Bronx, NY was the starting point for Lusive. He continues to embrace hip-hop but continues to have different musical influences such as classical, blues, pop and R&B. Lusive has always enjoyed performing in front of a large mass of audience–showing the world his musical talent. He was introduced to musical instruments such as the piano and the violin, which lead to dance and writing songs. He started recording all over New York City by the age of 17 and continued to keep performing for his supporters. 

Recently, he has been doing this thing where every Friday(which he titles “Frxxlancx Friday”, he releases new music. Lusive brings back that old school late 90’s sound with “The Bronx”. Lusive wanted to pay homage and still rep the Bronx. Who can deny a hard hip hop beat with a hype chorus while delivering new raw flows?! This cover of the Ruff Ryders Anthem “Down Bottom” produced by Swizz Beatz represents what Lusive seen while living in the Bronx community and being a part of the Bronx upcoming emerging hip hop artist community.

Lusive is extremely talented and trust me when I say(or write) that he is NOT someone you should sleep on! YOU can listen to “The Bronx” below.

YOU can FOLLOW Lusive on TwitterInstagram, and Tumblr, LIKE him on Facebook, and visit his SoundCloud, Reverbnation, and Youtube page.

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