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There is a web series joining the Black Talent TV family and it is a reality web series named The Inner Circle: Houston! Created, directed, and produced by the talented Zachariyah O’Neal, who is also an actor, The Inner Circle: Houston follows five young Houston individuals as they deal with friendships, drama, and chasing their dreams. The cast of this Zachariyah Production stars Erica Wilson, Ashton Bess, Christopher Coleman, Tenaiah President, and London Owens.

In the premiere episode(titled “Welcome To The Circle”), Erica brings old friends to celebrate her new apartment but an uninvited guest brings the shade and drama. YOU can view the premiere episode of The Inner Circle: Houston below.

The shade in this premiere episode was on HIGH. Like other reality shows, a group gathering somehow always ends up in conflict when you have a bunch of different personalities in one room. Even though YOU only saw four of the five cast members, the fifth cast member, Christopher, will be introduced in the next episode and he’s definitely going to make a splash. Trust me, the shade and drama on The Inner Circle: Houston is going to increase and will definitely leave YOU saying “OMG”.


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Photo Credit: Zachariyah O’Neal/The Inner Circle Facebook


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