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Last October, I had the pleasure of going to Georgia with the co-founders of DAP Media Group(Diana McCray & Patricia Rivera aka the founders of the company that created BLACK TALENT TV) to attend a film festival called the Urban MediaMakers Film Festival. It was a great time and one of the great people we got to connect with is Antoine Allen. He is a writer, director, and producer who showed his short film Split Decision, which was amazing. Now, he is doing his very first feature film and it is called Life Is Too Short.

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Life Is Too Short focuses on New York City citizens with separate lives as they each deal with their own conflicts as the end of the world unknowingly approaches. It is a drama that is directed, producers, and written(with Marquis C. Mosley) by Allen. Below is the trailer for Life Is Too Short and FOLLOW Allen, as well as LIKE the film on Facebook, to find out the premiere date and much more.

Life Is Too Short- Movie Trailer from Antoine Allen on Vimeo.

Photo Credit: Antoine Allen/Life Is Too Short Facebook Page

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