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Get ready, web series lovers because there is a new web series coming VERY soon and it’s one centered around a topic current today. Written and directed by Ty Saulsbury(who also stars in the web series), Monogamy is a new web drama that follows the life of Doctor Grayson Shaw. He is recommended as one of the best relationship therapists in the state of California for showing couples who were on the brink of DIVORCE how to communicate and remain committed to each other again. However, leading a monogamous lifestyle is a lot harder for Dr. Shaw than what it seems. Tempers flare when relationships are put to the test. Temptations become more than anyone can handle.

“What your spouse won’t do; another person will.” Does Monogamy still exist? There’s only one way to find out.

Besides Saulsbury, Monogamy will star and feature Tanya Katchouni, Crystal Coney, Ben Belack, Veronica Burgess, Brandon Larkins, Maya Lynne Robinson, Eric B. Anthony, Corey M. Palmer, Tiffany Sutton, Leith Burke, Shannon Shepherd, Jacquelin Schofield, and Elle Young. YOU can view the trailer for Monogamy below and be on the lookout for when the show premieres VERY soon!

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