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A new web series is joining the Black Talent TV family and it’s one from someone who’s had a web series on the publication for a while—Karlton T. Clay. Yes, the creator of the critically acclaimed web series The Lyons Den is back on Black Talent TV with another web series and it’s called Karma!

Karma follows the misadventures of Karma Jones(Ashley Black), a woman who is trying to find her way through life as she searches for love and purpose. This Victory Production also stars Roderquize Chandler, Tyrice Lollis, and Altina Menefee(who played the role of Tammi on The Lyons Den). Trust me, this web series is just another physical representation of Clay’s masterpiece as he is a genius in keeping viewers hooked. For some reason, this web series reminds me a lot of BET’s Being Mary Jane.

In the premiere episode(titled “I Love You”), Karma questions her relationship with her man. YOU can view this episode of Karma below.

Make sure to VISIT Karlton Clay’s official website, LIKE Victory Productions on Facebook, FOLLOW Clay on Twitter & LIKE Karma on Facebook.


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