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A new web series is joining the Black Talent TV family and it is one that will make you laugh but has some meaning to it with the premise. Created by Crystal & Marvin Green, Young, Broke, & Married centers around four young, broke and married couples with real love enduring real-life challenges. Although the couples do not personally know one another, their lives all revolve around one local coffee shop, Community Coffee.

In the first season we meet late 20’s, baby-battling, blue collar duo, Derek(A.J. Davis, Dating Savannah Love) and Sheena(Africa Turner). They rent a tiny apartment directly above Community Coffee. Married for just three years, the sarcastic and fun- loving couple has struggled through several miscarriages. Derek works at a warehouse but is entrepreneurial and is always looking for new businesses to start that will take him out of the rat race. Sheena works in customer service. She has a college degree that she feels is pointless.

Highly annoying, holy-warriors, Erica(Alesia Etinoff) and Thomas(Leo Lam) derive half of their income from Thomas’ long hours as a delivery driver for Community Coffee. Erica is a counselor at a halfway house for young women. This early 30’s, overly religious couple credits god for every single thing that happens. Although they’ve been married for 4 years and have one child, the lies that Erica has been telling are heavy enough to destroy her “perfect” family.

Money making, corporate-clique Tony(Brandon Beard-Reed) and Liv(Krystyn Spratt) can’t make it through their day without at least two trips to the coffee shop. Both are in their early 30’s and have been married for 2 years. Both work in corporate America and both hate their jobs but won’t quit because they make lots of money and have great health insurance and they are in debt. Tony thinks he is the leader but it is Liv that runs the house. Mature, but fun-loving couple, Liv has a sharp tongue and will shut Tony up in a minute! But don’t judge her just yet; she’s not the only “Mrs. Johnson” in town.

Hot dog-hoggin’ Marco(Jerrell Anderson) works overtime at the coffee shop while wife Val(Danielle Foster) goes to college. Mid 20’s, married for less than 1 year, the couple has no children, and due to something that happened in Marco’s promiscuous past, he may never be able to have children. He knows Val wants children, but he hides this detail from her and marries her anyway. Loud mouthed couple that loves to eat and fight, Marco is a compulsive liar and Val is verbally(sometimes physically) abusive towards him.

Check out the first episode(titled “Diets, Deceits, & Death by DNA”) of Young, Broke, & Married below. Trust me, you will not regret it because you’ll be too busy laughing and LOVING the show.

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