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A new web series is joining the Black Talent TV family and it’s one that once I saw the series trailer, I instantly thought of the new ABC show Blackish due to Anthony Anderson’s character being pretty much “the corporate brother” at that respective company. Like Blackish, the Todd Inman created web series The Corporate Brother is a comedy that will definitely address issues with stereotypes and race at(and probably outside of) the workplace.

The Corporate Brother is a comedy about a young black man named Bill who tries to survive and adjust to corporate America.  It is the first show set in an office with an African American male lead. He is the only black person in the office. He learns to cope with being “different” than his co-workers while at the same time being the best employee he can be.  Fellow employees don’t know how to interact with him without saying or doing inappropriate things. He tries to manage fitting in without losing his black identity.

This web series stars Joseph M. Thomas, Val Uff, Christine Mackprang, Paul Oreal, and Angelo Watson-James. Below you can check out the series trailer for The Corporate Brother but be sure to come back for the first episode next week!

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