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While there are many amazing web series featuring on Black Talent TV, today we have a short film that is truly nothing short of magical. Written by Chandra Thomas(who also stars in the short film), directed by Monica Palmieri(Santa Diabla), and edited by Cierra Pacheo(George to The Rescue), who is also an Emmy Award winner, Complete Sentences? is a comedic short film about love, relationships, fine food, and…baseball. Thomas(The Good Wife) plays Kara, who is the longtime girlfriend of Eddie, played by Pun Bandhu(Nurse Jackie). Eddie pops the question to Kara but things quickly go off track.

Honestly, I could not stop laughing while watching Complete Sentences? because it’s just so ironic that Kara is a Mets fan and Eddie is a Yankees fan. For anyone who is not a baseball fan, both teams are somewhat rivals so it’s Karen & Eddie being in love but loving different baseball teams can be a bad thing. Now, while this may seem petty to most people, baseball and almost any other kind of sport is pretty important to certain people and if their significant other is of the opposing team, it honestly can cause trouble within their relationship, which is a bit obvious in Complete Sentences?. Overall, Complete Sentences? is a great short film and YOU can view it below.

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