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This week, Black Talent TV is doing some NEW with the creator & cast of the critically acclaimed web series The Inner Circle: Houston. Each day, there will be a new interview with each of the returning cast members. I asked them all the same questions and they reveal everything from their thoughts before filming the first season to their feelings on the new cast member for the second season. First, I had the chance to conduct an interview with the man behind The Inner Circle: HoustonZachariyah Bess.

Besides creating this amazing reality web series, Bess is an actor and overall talent who is really giving Andy Cohen & Mona Scott-Young, respectively, a run for their money. Get to know more about him below!

1. Growing up, did you always dream about doing something in the entertainment world?

Actually I did, but I could never make up my mind on what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a singer…until I found out I couldn’t sing. I wanted to be an actor, reporter, etc. You name it I wanted to do it, but I think that was because I couldn’t really find my niche until now.

2. How did you ultimately create The Inner Circle: Houston?

Great question. I really wanted to set the record straight on this because I was accused of copying someone’s idea for my web series. I had the concept of “The Inner Circle” for 3 years before it actually happened. When I moved to Dallas from Houston in 2010, I attempted to start a Dallas cast several times and it never seemed to come together. Then I decided to go back to Houston and gather some people I already know to create a cast.

Now as for as how I came up with it is pretty simple. Most reality series that we see today are either about celebrities or the wealthy, and most of the time I couldn’t relate to any of them. I decided to create a show that everyday people could relate to.

3. As we saw in the season finale of season one, London personally came to you (on camera) about the drama that was happening with him & the other cast members. Is it hard to have a cast comprised of some of your friends? Why?

It is somewhat hard because I know everyone one the show. London, Tenaiah and Erica are good friends of mine, Ashton is my sister, and Chris is my cousin. It’s hard to not stand up for any of them when something is being said about them but I have to let them handle it the way they can since this is a reality series.  I can’t take anyone’s side in any situation or the other party will feel as if I betrayed them. I always let them know that no matter what happens during filming our relationship has nothing to do with it and will remain the same. This is why I, myself, am not a cast member.

4. How did you come up with the decision to put your beautiful & entertaining mother Mama Trice on the show?

She actually put herself on the show. Once I told her about the show idea, she wanted to be a part of it. I was a little nervous at first but I figure if Mama Joyce(the Real Housewives of Atlanta) can do it so can Mama Trice and it turned out well. People really liked her and want to see more of her. She swears that she is an official cast member!

5. Do you plan on doing The Inner Circle in other cities near Texas and if so, where?

Yes! I would love to branch out to other cities. My dream is to have a cast in Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. Just the major Texas cities.

6. What are some of your favorite TV shows(reality and/or scripted)?

I watch A LOT of television! My favorite scripted shows are Pretty Little Liars, Nashville, Red Band Society, Selfie, and Forever. My favorite reality shows are The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Chrisley Knows Best, Dance Moms, Don’t Be Tardy, and most recently K. Michelle: My Life.

7. If you had a chance to cast a reality show with reality TV celebrities, what would your concept be(example: competition, docu-series, etc)?

I would love to cast a singing competition amongst performers in the industry. So many times you see fans arguing over who is the better singer. I would love to make a show and really see who sings better. Now as far as no celebrity shows, I would love to create a Real Housewives of Houston and Dallas. I feel like Texas doesn’t get the credit we deserve in the reality or acting industry.

8. What is NEXT for Zachariyah O’Neal?

Well right now I am focusing on The Inner Circle: Houston and trying to make The Inner Circle a franchise. I don’t receive any pay for the show, I do it purely for the fans, cast, and as a passion, so with that being said, I do work full time also! I would love to pursue acting a bit more. I was an extra in a few episodes of Dallas during season two and I loved the experience of being on set. I also would like to do some hosting or correspondent work on the red carpet at the Grammy’s or Oscars as well. 

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Tomorrow starts the interviews with the returning cast members of The Inner Circle: Houston and there will also be a post on the third & final part to The Inner Circle: Houston reunion. 

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