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Recently, I got the chance to conduct interviews with all returning cast members of the reality web series The Inner Circle: Houston. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of posting the interview I did with creator Zachary Bess, which was amazing. Bess is definitely a creative man and I, personally, see him starting a franchise with The Inner Circle. For the interviews with the cast, I decided to ask them all the same question and their answers were all different but interesting. The first interview is with the cast member who almost didn’t return for season two–London Owens.

In season one of The Inner Circle: Houston, Owens mainly had drama with fellow cast members Christopher Coleman and Tenaiah President, as well as a little with Erica Wilson during a phone call in one of the episodes. After the reunion, Owens was originally not going to come back but then he decided to come back. In the interview below, Owens is going to explain why he came back and more.

How did you feel about your first season of The Inner Circle: Houston?

My feelings regarding filming are a little mixed.  I enjoyed getting the opportunity but would have of course loved to enjoy the time with a much more level headed group of people.

Looking back at the episodes, is there anything you wish you could have done over & why?

I wish I would not have met with Chris.  He seemed to be the chaos in my season, an unnecessary chaos that is. 

Did you have any concerns with doing a reality project? Why?

The only concern I had was with the people I did not know.  I am an acquired taste as I said before and some people do not know how to take me.  I was not sure how they would take me or my attitude.

What is one thing you want viewers to know about you that they wouldn’t know from watching the episodes?

I would like viewers to know that I am not as judgmental as I may have come off on the show.  I respect everyone’s hustle and everyone’s hard work but I do not stand for ignorance.

Coming onto season two, what are you expecting?

I don’t really know what I am expecting but I am hoping for the best.  I originally was not going to come back for second season after the drama of last season. I just hope this season people are a little more open to having fun and keeping it all cute(LOL). I also hope this season some learn to keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves if you know what I mean.

There is a new cast member for season two. Were/Are you nervous about meeting her? Why?

I am excited to see what the new cast member has to offer, why wouldn’t I be? This is what I said we needed.  I just wish she was replacing instead of adding(LOL). But seriously I look forward to meeting them I just hope they are full of fun.

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