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For this week, Black Talent TV is doing some special by posting interviews with The Inner Circle: Houston creator Zachariyah Bess and the returning cast members—London Owens, Erica Wilson, Christopher Coleman, Tenaiah President, and Ashton Bess. Today’s interview is with the cast member who almost came to blows with Owens at the reunion—Chris Coleman!

During the first season, Coleman had a clear rival in Owens and didn’t really seem to have as much drama with any other cast member besides a little tension with President. At the reunion, he and Owens had clear tension even before the reunion began filming and in the interview below, he discusses his one mistake from season one and more.

How did you feel about your first season of The Inner Circle: Houston?

Honestly i loved it. It was truly amazing. The energy was through the roof!

Looking back at the episodes, is there anything you wish you could have done over & why?

I think my only mistake was meeting London. I felt as if I gave him way too much time and energy. I really did try to come and clear the air with him, and after that didn’t go well, I should have left him alone.

Did you have any concerns with doing a reality project? Why?

I was only afraid of my past being thrown in my face, other than that I was ready to show the world who Chris is, was, and becoming.

What is one thing you want viewers to know about you that they wouldn’t know from watching the episodes?

That behind all of the loud taking and crazy antics, there is a young man who wants only the best out of life and is striving to get there.

Coming onto season two, what are you expecting?

Honestly, I’m not sure. I do know that you will see a different side of me.

There is a new cast member for season two. Were/Are you nervous about meeting her? Why?

No—all I have to say is that she better be ready because this group can eat you up and spit you out.


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