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Yesterday, I posted an amazing interview with The Inner Circle: Houston cast member London Owens and his answers were great. Today, I have an additional interview with another cast member of the Zachariyah O’Neal created web series The Inner Circle: HoustonErica Wilson.

During the first season, Wilson pretty much became the peacemaker as she tried to keep the peace between her friends Christopher Coleman & London Owens but ended up having some drama with Tenaiah President in the very first episode. At the reunion, she still tried to keep the piece but had some words with President and surprisingly Ashton Bess. Check out the interview where Wilson states her expectations for season two and more.

How did you feel about your first season of The Inner Circle: Houston?

I was extremely excited to do the filming for season one and to see the outcome once it was all put together. It was a very cool experience.

Looking back at the episodes, is there anything you wish you could have done over & why?

I wish I had more drinks to serve at my party. So I could be named the perfect host(LOL).

Did you have any concerns with doing a reality project? Why?

I was concerned about the feedback from the producer and the fans.

What is one thing you want viewers to know about you that they wouldn’t know from watching the episodes?

That I love women, and that I’m not a messy person. I just like to keep the peace.

Coming onto season two, what are you expecting?

In season two I am expecting us to be even more successful, create a wider fan base, and have tons of more fun. Stay tuned!

There is a new cast member for season two. Were/Are you nervous about meeting her? Why?

Yes I was nervous. I was just hoping it would be an automatic “we’ve known each other forever” feeling and it was.


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