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So far, this week’s interviews with the creator & returning cast members of the reality web series The Inner Circle: Houston has been amazing. Creator Zachariyah Bess and cast members London Owens, Erica Wilson, and Christopher Coleman definitely gave some great answers. Round out the interviews are two cast members who are as thick as thieves—Tenaiah President & Ashton Bess.

During season one of The Inner Circle: Houston, President and Bess came in as friends and remained that way throughout the show. They even filmed confessionals together that even showed them in matching outfits. Truthfully, their conjoined confessionals were very comical and, personally, always had me laughing. Individually, President had some drama with most of the other cast members while Bess remained quiet and neutral. At the reunion, Bess was more outspoken and stood by her friend, President, who still butt heads with the other cast members. Check out the interview below where they both discuss their one regret during season one, their thoughts on the new cast member, and more.

How did you feel about your first season of The Inner Circle: Houston?
Tenaiah: I was really excited. I was a good experience to be a part of something like this.

Ashton: I was excited to be a part of the season. Zachariyah is actually my brother so the fact that he wanted to give his sister a shot at fame just made me feel good!

Looking back at the episodes, is there anything you wish you could have done over & why?
Tenaiah: No, I would not have done anything differently. What you saw on camera is exactly who I am in person, others have blamed editing for making them look a certain way, but I own what I did last season.

Ashton: I will admit that I wish I would have talked or interacted more. I think I had the season one jitters. I didn’t really know what to expect from filming and that may have played a part in my quietness.

Did you have any concerns with doing a reality project? Why?
Tenaiah: I’ve wanted to be on a reality series, so I didn’t really have any concerns. I was just ready for my close up!

Ashton: I don’t know if it was a concern, more of not knowing what to do. It is different when you are watching it on TV, but when you are the one in front of the camera its kind of nerve racking.

What is one thing you want viewers to know about you that they wouldn’t know from watching the episodes?
Tenaiah: I feel like there wasn’t anything they didn’t get to see about me. As I said before, that is exactly who I am.

Ashton: That I have a beautiful baby boy named Rashad, and he will be making an appearance in season two. Also, that I do have a mind and opinions of my own.

Coming onto season two, what are you expecting?
Tenaiah: I expect there to be more drama. Some of us(Erica) tend to be really sensitive about things that really can just be looked over.

Ashton: I expect there to be more foolishness, more craziness, but hopefully some fun moments. You’ll be surprised to see how the relationships have shifted in the group.

There is a new cast member for season two. Were/Are you nervous about meeting her? Why?
Tenaiah: Well, originally the new cast member was supposed to be someone entirely different, but that did not work out because she had a very bad attitude. The person that is on the cast now is someone I have a previous history with. I’m not nervous about being around her, but not too thrilled about it either.

Ashton: I was a bit nervous because I know her, and there was always a bit of tension between us. But my best thing to do is to stay away from her.

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