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There’s some new content joining the Black Talent TV family and one is an amazing short film. Created & directed by Melissa Murray, CEO of independent film company The Cynical Owl, She centers on nineteen-year old Desdemona Calloway who, after the fall of a secret affair with her boss, is on the longest ride of her life as she unpacks the memories in the hopes of answering one question: can she obtain closure? Starring Tyisha Turner, Shaun Wess, and Joesph Dinozzi, this short film is TRULY amazing. Besides the possible shock factor of the boss sleeping with an employee, this film truly is amazing and, personally, focuses on a serious matter: the strong force that is LOVE.

To be completely honest, love is a force to which we cannot resist. When love comes, it comes hard and it definitely came hard for Desdemona & Olivia. I’m sure both did not expect it but when I believe that when it happens, you MUST go for it NO MATTER WHAT. YOU can view the amazing short film She below.

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