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Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing the creator & returning cast members of the reality web series The Inner Circle: Houston. In just one season, creator Zachariyah Bess & stars Christopher Coleman, Tenaiah President, Erica Wilson, Ashton Bess, and London Owens are on their way to becoming superstars within the web series world due to The Inner Circle: Houston creating some buzz. Truthfully, the web series has as much drama & shade as an episode of Love & Hip Hop or any of the Real Housewives franchises. These five cast members were definitely not afraid to defend themselves or let their opinion be heard. Fortunately for fans, The Inner Circle: Houston is returning for a season two in January and there is a new cast member who is definitely going to shake things up–Shanique Byron.

Not much is known about Byron at this moment but from some of the interviews I did with the returning cast members and Twitter interactions, she pretty much knew most of the cast. Unfortunately, the past she has with some of the cast is definitely not all good. I do not want to give anything away but I can already sense who she’s going to have a bit of trouble with but I could be surprised. You can check out the short interview I did with Byron where she discusses why she decided to join The Inner Circle: Houston for season two and more!

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-Why did you decide to join season 2 of The Inner Circle: Houston?

I answered the casting call that Zachary posted at the end of season one. I was originally supposed to be a “friend” of the show. Once we started filming the season I was told that I had enough to offer to the show and was upgraded to a full time cast member and actually replaced the original “new girl”. 

-Were/Are you nervous about interacting with the other cast members?

Oh no, I believed that I would blend in very well with all of them, I have a bit of history with a certain cast member, but hopefully that doesn’t take away from me getting to know everyone.

-What do you hope viewers know about you once the show starts airing?

I want viewers to see that I’m a outgoing woman;sassy and classy, but never trashy. I hope that people really get to know the real me.

-With reality TV, everyone somehow ends up assuming a role(troublemaker, peacemaker, etc.). What do you think your role will be and why?

My role? I don’t want to give too much away but I’ll just say that I’m not the girl to be messed with, but you’ll have to watch the season to find out more about me. 

Check out the official season two CAST PHOTO below and be sure to look out for teasers & trailers coming soon from The Inner Circle: Houston.

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