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Recently, there was a LOOK WHO’S NEXT post on three projects by director Lawrence Lee Wallace and one of them was an amazing web series called Villains. Well, the first episode of Villains is here and I am extremely excited to share it! To refresh your memory, Villains which is a Sci-Fi story set in a halfway house for people with various addictions, gambling, sex, drugs, and more. “Big Guy” is brought in as a John Doe and he is disoriented. He does not remember who he is or where he comes from and is withdrawn and paranoid. Later, he discovers skills he can’t explain, fighting and weapons skills and then ultimately a mysterious supernatural power. “BG” becomes closer to Ana, Jimmy, and Phil, the other patients, at the halfway house and together they go on a journey to help him in finding out who he is and where his amazing and deadly powers come from. In RETURN, he protects them from different enemies. This mystery produces and draws other supernatural beings to the halfway house making this an exciting, dramatic and sometimes funny experience.

This Deep Production Studios project stars Frank Sjodin, Lacie Shayna, Richard Reed, and Shavar D. Clark, with guest stars Joe DeBartolo, Latrell Mann, Paul Whitehouse, Brannon Smith, Leslie Taylor, and Quentin Marcell Grant. In this episode(titled “Intros”), the main characters are introduced and the story gets started! YOU can view this episode of Villains below.

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