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A new web series is joining the Black Talent TV family and it’s one that is A MUST SEE. Written & produced by Rhavynn Drummer, Good Girls centers around four young women of faith as they try to navigate their morality and individuality through the adventures of living & dating in Atlanta. Follow Isla, Tina, Ester and Renee on a Sunday brunch as they recap the past

24 hours of their lives. Season one finds Isla(Drummer) on the brink of becoming celibate which drastically affects her relationship with her boyfriend, King(Justin Jamar). Tina(A. Jai Simone) deals with an unemployed boyfriend that has overstayed his welcome. Ester (Mystie Smith) works to maintain the façade of being in a happy marriage and Renee(Asia Baxter) finally finds someone she’s genuinely interested in. Follow these women as they mold, create, and re-define their moral compass. Basically, this show is like Sex and the City but with more focus on morals that ties in with religion.

In the first episode, Isla tells the girls about her eventful night with her boyfriend King which does not end well because she has decided to be celibate. Honestly, I really like this web series and I know YOU will as well. YOU can view this episode of Good Girls below.

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