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Another web series is joining the Black Talent TV family and it’s one that’s from the same people behind another great web series, Brothers With No Game. For those who do not know, Brothers With No Game is written(and co-created) by Leon Mayne and is an award winning web series that even won awards in SIX categories in the 2013 LA Web Series Festival. Mayne ended up writing another new web series that is basis of today’s article—A Day in the Life of Daddy, which is part of the BWNG TV(Brothers With No Game TV).

A Day in the Life of Daddy follows the life of single father, Kwame(Tapiwa Madovi), as he attempts to improve his relationship with his daughter Tiffany(Shamailah Pascall), following the emergence of another man in his ex partner’s life. The series sees Kwame come to terms with the impact of his previously “passive” approach to parenting, and how he attempts to rectify this by reassessing dating, his support systems, daughter’s influences, and work.

In the premiere episode(titled “Special Delivery”), before jetting off to Thailand with her new boyfriend Lee(Tobi Bamtefa), Makaila(Rochelle Rose) drops off Tiffany to her father Kwame. Kwame, irresponsibly unaware of Tiffany’s early arrival after hosting a house party last night, does his best to put on a sober face. It doesn’t last very long when Makaila reveals to Kwame that Lee wants her and Tiffany to move in with him. This episode also stars Michael Fatogun(who, if you remember, is in Danielle A. Scott-Haughton’s Dear Jesus as Stephen), Tom Moutchi, and Robert Rivett. YOU can view the premiere episode of A Day in the Life of Daddy below.

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