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While some people might use YouTube to look at music videos or funny cat videos, a lot of them are using YouTube to become the next shining star. To its defense, YouTube has been the beginning platform for some of today’s talented individuals such as Justin Bieber & Bethany Mota. Personally, I believe that ChristineDoesDrama is on her way to becoming the next shining star. She started her YouTube channel, titled ChristineDoesDrama, last May and the channel consists of monologues, skits, and beauty videos. The channel is constantly growing and she now has over 350 subscribers and almost 60,000 views. She also has a Vine channel where she does comedy skits. ChristineDoesDrama’s YouTube channel also consists of acting monologues and reviews on a variety of subjects that include films and even hair.

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Truthfully, ChristineDoesDrama is very talented and I really hope her star quality on YouTube evolves. YOU can check out two of her videos below—the first is on the recent announcement of Oscar nominations and the other is a review on episode two of Fox’s Empire.

Make sure to follow ChristineDoesDrama on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Tumblr, as well as VISIT her YouTube page.

Photo Credit: Instagram/YouTube

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