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After making a big splash with their first season, Zachariyah O’Neal’s amazing reality web series The Inner Circle: Houston is back and the first episode is here! Season one cast members Erica Wilson, Christopher Coleman, Ashton Bess, London Owens, and Tenaiah President are back with new cast member Shanique “Shay” Byron. While the first season was great, I know this second season is going to be even better. First, there are opening credits with each main cast member having their own tagline and these taglines are AMAZING! Next, the cast for the second season is perfect since Shay has history with some of the cast members and she is not just thrown into the show without knowing anyone. Lastly, filming for the second season of The Inner Circle: Houston resulted in many Twitter wars between some of the cast members and it only confirms that season two is going to be the “ultimate turn up”.

In the season premiere(titled “You’re Not Loyal”), London returns to the show, Chris reveals details of his relationship to Erica, and Ashton confronts Tenaiah. YOU can view this episode of The Inner Circle: Houston below.

WOW at the season premiere! The tension between Chris & London is still high ever since the reunion where they almost came to blows. Also, it seems like Tenaiah & Ashton might have a little tension in their friendship because of Tenaiah being cool with London. Honestly, I’m sure it’ll blow over because they are good friends so I’m sure Ashton will become friends with London soon. I can’t wait to get to know more about Shay in the next episode!

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Photo Credit: YOUTUBE/Zachariyah O’Neal’s YOUTUBE account

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