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A new artist is joining the Black Talent TV family and this man is TRULY talented. Not only is he an artist but he is an overall talented individual that is going to be a star and his name is Eman the Heartbreak. According to his bio, “Eman is coming all the way from East Nigeria to Baltimore, Maryland where he combines interpersonal sound with a new age feel to create his specific style of music. “

eman 3

“Only 21 years old, Eman started rapping when he was 11 and has studied rap legends like Andre 3000, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nas and more recent artists such as Drake, Logic, Kendrick Lamar, and more. While he studied these legends to not “bite” their styles, he did it to experiment with different sounds to share to his own audience. Eman the Heartbreak is an overall positive and laidback man who is often the voice of reason with his friends and creared music based on topics to assist people in their everyday lives.” Eman sounds amazing, doesn’t he?

eman 2

Below, check out Eman the Heartbreak’s AMAZING short film to his LP that is going to be available in the summer of 2015!

Also, YOU can view Eman’s performance of “Last Time”, which is great.

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