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Not too long ago, a new reality web series premiered and took the web series world by storm. The Inner Circle: Houston, which is created by Zachariyah O’Neal, centered on the life, drama, & friendships within a group of five individuals in Houston, TX. The reality web series is currently in its second season, which added a sixth cast member, and the drama is already heating up. However, O’Neal has decided to make The Inner Circle into a franchise and added The Inner Circle: Dallas.

Starring Edgar Garcia, Kayla Cory, Khristina Calloway, and Darius Hunter, The Inner Circle: Dallas follows four Dallas individuals as they deal with friendships, life, and drama. The cast photo for The Inner Circle: Dallas was just revealed and the cast looks great. YOU can view the official cast photo to The Inner Circle: Dallas below.


Also, check out the promo for The Inner Circle: Dallas below.

Capture 2

Capture 33
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Photo Credit: Zachariyah Productions/Zachariyah O’Neal

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