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Karlton T. Clay’s amazing web series Karma is FINALLY back for a second season and I am excited. After the shocking season one finale, I have been wondering what’s going to happen next for Karma and the gang. What is Jordan going to do now that both Karma & Valerie are pregnant? Will Jordan stay with Valerie? Will he go back to Karma? What will happen to Marcus & Karma? There are so many questions that I HOPE will be answered this season and I am excited to find out. Also, I’m ecstatic to know that the second season will introduce a bunch of new characters and there are even some changes to the cast. Ashley Black, Tyrice Lollis, and Altina Menefee return with Natalya Johnson and new cast members Rashonda Martin-Butler, A.J. Felton, Courtney Gray, & Quincy Kelly.

In the season premiere(titled “Crossroads”), four months later, Karma(Black) and Valerie(Johnson) are both at a crossroads while Melinda’s(Menefee) past comes back to haunt her. This episode guest stars Roderquize Chandler, Terrence Williams, Jasmine Patterson, Cedric Johnson, Tarynn Stineman, Jacques Fournier, and featuring Chashawna Wesby, Eric Poe, and Richard Charles. YOU can view the season 2 premiere of Karma below.

WOW at Karma NOT being pregnant! Truthfully, this is a good thing since now she really has no ties to Jordan and can honestly move on. Unfortunately, I’m sure the guy who was at the door is someone she was NOT expecting(or happy) to see. I wonder what’s going to happen with Melinda & her husband now that his son is back. I also hope the friendship between Marcus & Karma can be repaired and I have a feeling Karma is going to be seeing a lot of Valerie now that she is NOT going to New York with Jordan.

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