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While Zachariyah O’Neal’s The Inner Circle: Houston is coming to an end on its second season, he added a new city that is making The Inner Circle a franchise. Starring Edgar GarciaKayla CoryKhristina Calloway, and Darius HunterThe Inner Circle: Dallas follows four Dallas individuals as they deal with friendships, life, and drama.

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Recently the trailer for season one of The Inner Circle: Dallas was released and the drama is going to be INSANE for this new web series. The show premieres on Friday, April 17th and it is going to TAKE OVER the web world. YOU can view The Inner Circle: Dallas season one trailer below.

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WOW at the trailer for The Inner Circle: Dallas! I think the cast is really eclectic and very diverse from the Houston cast. Similarly, they all have opinions and are NOT afraid to let it be heard. There seems to be two cliques(Edgar & Kayla vs. Khristina & Darius) and from the trailer, they are constantly butting heads. While I am still a die-hard fan of The Inner Circle: Houston, I have a feeling I’m going to equally LOVE The Inner Circle: Dallas.

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