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Several new web series are joining Black Talent TV and one of them has a very interesting title—Bad Religion. Created by K. Giselle Johnson, a student majoring in Media Production and CEO/Founder of Reel Vintage Productions, Bad Religion fosters the quote “Everyone lives by their own religion.” The series is set in Washington, D.C. and focuses “on breaking stereotypes through the stories of four African-American artists. Yona(Admiria Essence Cooper), a sheltered Howard University scholar, wants to ‘change the world’ through a journalism career. In this pursuit, she joins ‘MinorityMag’ and is forced to cover the stories of members in an underground artist hub, led by Kahlil(Desmond Harris), a native Washingtonian and aspiring rapper. Though their attraction is undeniable, clashes arise as Kahlil begins to see that though Yona’s skin color categorizes her as ‘Black,’ she will never understand the struggles of the Black community.” Also, “there are the crazed lovers: shy poet, Kyrie(Danielle King), and aspiring photographer, Jadyn(Azeem Vecchio). Kyrie is raising her best friend’s child after a life sentence in prison. However, as the show progresses and her poetry begin to spread around town, she starts seeing the child as a barrier in the way of enjoying her life. Meanwhile, Jadyn has been accepted into a renowned photography program, but his mother’s bipolar disorder and dependent condition prevents him from leaving DC.”
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Personally, I think the show’s concept is magnificent and, simultaneously, makes YOU think about your own life and what “YOUR RELIGION” is. I truly believe this web series will not only be inspirational but also an eye opener to the struggles that young individuals endure while trying to reach their individual goals. “Inspired by the sounds of Frank Ocean and Common, Bad Religion jumps from cartoons to live action and follows the journey of these characters finding themselves in a world of corruption, inevitably making you question: What do I worship?” YOU can check out the first episode(titled “The Core”) of Bad Religion below.

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You can VISIT Reel Vintage Production’s official website, FOLLOW Reel Vintage Productions on Twitter, LIKE Bad Religion on Facebook, FOLLOW Reel Vintage Productions on Instagram, and FOLLOW K. Giselle Johnson on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Reel Vintage Productions/K. Giselle Johnson

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