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Tomorrow is the premiere of Zachariyah O’Neal’s critically acclaimed web series The Inner Circle: Dallas, a new entry into The Inner Circle franchise following two successful seasons of The Inner Circle: Houston. Premiering April 17thThe Inner Circle: Dallas follows four Dallas individuals as they deal with friendships, life, and drama. Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing the cast members(Khristina CallowayEdgar GarciaDarius Hunter, & Kayla Cory) and I asked each of them the same questions. However, the answers to these questions were all different and prove that The Inner Circle: Dallas is going to #BREAKTHEINTERNET. Last but not least, today’s interview(following Darius, Kayla, & Edgar) is with Khristina Calloway!   

1-How did you find out about casting for The Inner Circle: Dallas & why did you decide to join?

I was originally asked three years ago by the Executive Producer, Zachary Bess, who happens to be a really good friend of mine. He actually had a cast In Dallas before he created The Inner Circle: Houston, but they could never get it together, but I was there from the beginning, because I believe in his dream. I was more than happy to jump at the opportunity to work with such an amazing man.

2-How would you describe your first day of filming?

My first day of filming was a horrible, since I was being judged right from the beginning by people I had never even met or knew anything about. I really feel like they had made up their mind not to let me in before I met them.

3-What are your thoughts on the other cast members?

Well, Darius is my “friend.” I use quotations for a reason. I can’t really tell you why but you will see why during the season. I will say things aren’t always what they seem with him. Kayla says that she is a DJ but her name holds not weight in the Dallas night life scene. But she is nothing but a little Yorkie that hangs off her owners every word. Edgar AKA Mr. Trust Fund Baby is really a judgmental, overweight, bad built, bum who doesn’t work for anything, and to be honest, I really don’t think he’s even rich.

4-What do you hope viewers know about you when watching the show?

I hope that the viewers can see the I am a business woman with class and self-respect, I hope they see all this fashion I give on a daily basis because I’m such a fashionista, I also want them to see that even though I am a lady of refinement and class, I will still serve up and ass whooping on a silver platter.

5-With reality TV, there’s pretty much roles that each of the cast members have on the show(troublemaker, peacemaker, etc.). What do you think your role will be?

Well I try to be a peace maker as much as possible but there’s only so much a real woman can withstand. I’m not a trouble maker, even though these girls that include Edgar and Darius, try to portray me as. I will however finish a situation that someone tries to start with me.

6-Describe this season of The Inner Circle: Dallas in 3 words.

YES! I’ve been waiting to answer this question! The Inner Circle: Dallas in three words? The Khristina Show! You’ll see why throughout the season.


Check out the trailer to The Inner Circle: Dallas below and be sure to catch the premiere on Friday, April 17th.

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Photo Credit: Zachariyah Productions/Zachariyah O’Neal

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