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While the majority of Black Talent TV features amazing web series & short films, there are some articles featuring talented artists that are on their way to stardom. Today’s article features an artist that will be on his way to stardom sooner than later and the artist is Mike Bell. He is “a Hip-Hop recording artist from Baltimore, Maryland and a member of the music collective Hear No Evil” and he’s associated with someone who’s been featured on Black Talent TV—Eman the Heartbreak.

Bell is working on his first full length album(titled Full Circle) but to promote it, he’s created a short documentary titled The MIKEroDocumentary and it truly is amazing. In it, he announces the album title and release date to viewers/fans. At first, Bell speaks but there’s a bit of anonymity since we visually cannot see him yet. Then, we(viewers/fans) are taken on a journey through what it seems like the daily life of Bell. Visually, this short documentary is phenomenal. Check out The MIKEroDocumentary below, which was shot by Keenan Hairston

The MIKEroDocumentary from Keenan Hairston on Vimeo.

FOLLOW Bell on Twitter and VISIT his SoundCloud page, as well as VISIT Hairston’s official website.

Photo Credit: Vimeo(Keenan Hairston Account)

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