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Another web series is joining the Black Talent TV family and it’s called The One Web Series. Created by Chris Hodge & Kristina Sullivan(who also stars in the web series), The One is a drama & comedy that “explores what can happen when you re-connect with ‘The One’ that got away.” Hodge, who also directs the web series, describes the show as “a dream project” that him & Sullivan have been working on since 2012. “From that time, we have worked extremely hard to bring the best product we can creatively and financially put together.” Hodge says that “diversity in the media has become one of the biggest issues facing Hollywood studios today, in front AND behind the camera. We strive to provide a space for minority talent that so often is overlooked, as the cast & crew of The One Web Series is entirely made of person coming from African-American, Latino and Japanese-American decent.” Both see The One Web Series “as a great opportunity for minority talent to shine in roles that aren’t stereotypical of the norm seen on various shows and movies depicting the lives of minorities. We are very proud of our diverse cast and crew and we hope to be examples to other young show creators that if you have an idea that you believe in that you too can see your idea go from pen and paper to the screen. 

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Besides Sullivan, The One Web Series stars Sekori Russel, Alonzo Williams, Franchesca Agramonte, Zuri Willis, Marston Fobbs, Ivonnah Erskine, James Surman, and Brandon Valley Jones. The show is set to premiere sometime soon in 2015 but until then, check out this amazing video where the cast & crew discuss the show. After viewing the video, I’m even more excited to actually see The One Web Series. Off the bat, the title catches people’s attention because I believe most people are searching for “the one” in life. However, “the one” could also be “the one that got away” and I’m interested in finding out how this web series will focus on that. YOU can view The One cast & crew interviews below.

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Photo Credit: Naoe/ One Web Series Account)

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