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With two successful seasons of The Inner Circle: Houston under his belt, creator Zachariyah O’Neal decided to expand The Inner Circle to Dallas and created The Inner Circle: Dallas! The show follows four Dallas individuals as they deal with friendships, life, and drama. The Inner Circle: Dallas stars Khristina CallowayEdgar GarciaDarius Hunter, & Kayla Cory and the drama between these four individuals is CRAZY. As a fan of reality TV, I initially didn’t think there could be enough drama between these cast members but The Inner Circle: Dallas proves me wrong!

In the series premiere(titled “Big Things Happen Here”), Edgar hosts a little get together where he & Kayla meet Darius’ friend Khristina and sparks fly! YOU can view this episode of The Inner Circle: Dallas below.

Wow at all the shade being thrown around in the first episode! While I am still a fan of The Inner Circle: Houston, I am now a DEFINITE fan of The Inner Circle: Dallas. This first episode was pure reality TV gold and, in my opinion, topped the season four premiere of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. It definitely seems like Kayla, Edgar, & Khristina got off to a rocky start and judging from the trailer released about two months ago, the tension between them is going to get even heavier. However, I like ALL of the cast members since they all seemed very genuine and acted like their true selves in front of the camera.

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