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Recently, I had the chance to interview someone starring in a web series that recently got shown on Black Talent TV, D.C. Yuppies, and this “someone” is Kelvin Terrell. Before actually conducting this interview, I decided to do some research on Kelvin and, overall, I view him as such a talented individual. On top of being featured in some great films and two top notch web series, D.C. Yuppies and Anacostia, he is a published author. Also, he is a Daytime EMMY nominated actor. Yes, Kelvin is the REAL DEAL! To be honest, I became a fan of Kelvin once I read all of his accomplishments but was an even bigger fan after the interview and hopefully YOU will too. Check out my interview with Kelvin Terrell below.

-Growing up, did you always know that you wanted to do something in entertainment?

Kind of sort of…my dream was to be an NFL player. I looked up to my brother and he was a very good football player. I was too, in my own right, but he had a much better shot at it than I did. He was going to play for the Redskins and I was going to play for the Cowboys. He stopped playing ball after his freshman year so my NFL aspirations fizzled out between then, and me choosing to attend Hampton University for academics over a few other schools for athletics. During college I started to explore my creative side by writing poems and drawing, but I didn’t get into acting until late 2011.  

-Some of your skills include poetry and songwriting, as well as music composition. If you had the chance, which artist would you love to work with and why?

I would have to say Ne-Yo and Chrisette Michele. Ne-Yo, because I think that he’s a songwriting genius. I’d love to study his creative process. Anyone who’s ever listened beyond the music and actually heard to the words and message behind them would know exactly what I’m talking about.  Chrisette Michele because the girl can flat out sing. I’ve seen her in concert at a small venue in Alexandria, VA. Even though I was about 30 feet away from her, it felt like she was singing to me. My father was a drummer and singer in a cover band for maybe 20 years. Music is in my blood. I always catch slight changes in pitch and tone. She was on point all night…even near the end of her performance.

-You’ve done a lot of great acting in theatre, films, and TV & Web Series. What has been your favorite project to work on and why?

There you go trying to get me in trouble! LOL. There are actually three short answers to that question.  I love to be challenged so, Anacostia has been my biggest challenge so far. D.C. Yuppies I loved because I feel like I finally had the chance to portray a character that is most like the stereotype for my look. Last but most certainly not least, I loved my role as Pebbles in the stage play “Breaking Down” because, believe it or not, it is extremely fun playing a clueless gangster! Hands down the most fun I’ve had playing any particular role.

-You were part of the successful ANACOSTIA series. How was that experience? 

It was awesome! Every day on set was new adventure behind the scenes. My character was so far outside of my personality that I really had to dig deep to bring out the kind of hatred that he had for the other characters.  Even if that meant I had to walk around the set with my eyes closed, talking to myself, or practicing strange looks and freaking everyone out…I had to do it! Now, it’s starting to pay off. We picked up and Indie Series Award and are Nominated for an Emmy. I couldn’t be happier!

-You’re in D.C. Yuppies right now and the show is AMAZING. The first season is done but JUST STARTING on Black Talent TV. What can viewers expect from watching D.C. Yuppies on Black Talent TV?

Viewers can expect to see people like them. Hard working young urban professionals who work hard and play even harder! There’s a lot of relationship drama with little twists and turns here and there and a good dose of comedy mixed in throughout the season.  The best part about it is that everyone knows someone just like every character in the show which makes it highly relatable and easy to watch.

-How would you describe your character Jordan(D.C. Yuppies)?

Jordan is the nice guy of the group. Almost too nice! He’s a dependable friend cares so much about his friends that he almost forgets about himself sometimes. He can be mistaken for a pushover, but he knows how to handle himself if push comes to shove.

What would be your DREAM movie/TV role with your fellow DREAM cast(which can be however much you decide)? 

For a film, I’d have to say the role of Eli played by Denzel Washington in The Book of Eli. It’s the kind of movie that you have to watch several times in order to truly appreciate the value of the acting, cinematography, and story line.  That and Eli was pretty bad ass for a blind dude! In television, I’d love to play the role of Elam Ferguson played by the rapper Common in Hell on Wheels. I’ve always had a secret obsession with modern westerns.

-You also wrote a novel KARMA: THE WAR OF LOVE. How did you come to write a contemporary romance novella?

Just happenstance. One day I was going over a bunch of poems that I had written and I thought to myself “you know Kelvin, if you put this poem here, that one there, and this one over there…you kind of have a story on your hands!” It started out a play. Then, I was going to make it a movie, but later decided to just add in a few more details and turn it into a book. It’s had a pretty good reception thus far with little to no promotion so I’m happy with it. It was more of a personal accomplishment than anything.

-What is NEXT for Kelvin Terrell?

Well, I want to get into producing my own material. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some pretty amazing people in the last few years and I’ve learned quite a bit. It’s time to put some of that knowledge into practice. I’ve got my own idea for a comedic web series that I’m working on, but my baby is a feature film. I’m actually casting it at the moment. I’m also working on fundraising because I’ve got some big talent interested in working with me so I’ll need to do myself and them justice. I’m excited!

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