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Today we have a new project entering the Black Talent TV family but from someone whose web series, Road to Publicity, has already been featured on the publication before—REGGIE HAYNES. To refresh your memory, Haynes is an inspiring actor, musician, athlete, and motivation speaker from Houston, TX. Growing up had its challenges for Reggie but in the sixth grade, he was well known for his athletic skills as he played Football. In a over the phone interview, Haynes says “Without sports, I would have been a NOBODY.” Throughout college, he used writing music and stories to let out his anger and what was going on in his life. He has a lot of aspirations and is ready to take on all of them!

His web series, Road to Publicity, followed Haynes as he deals with the struggles of trying to land a job with a well-known radio network in Houston, TX. Unfortunately, the journey is not as simple as there is some drama he has to deal with along the way.

Haynes’ new project is a three part documentary titled #WhoIsReggieHaynes that focuses solely on his upbringing and his career. I saw ALL parts of #WhoIsReggieHaynes and if I didn’t already correspond with Reggie to eventually realize that he’s a likeable human being, this documentary would have already made him seem likeable. I commend him for talking about his upbringing and not being afraid to share the bad along with the good. YOU can view #WhoIsReggieHaynes below.



VISIT Reggie Haynes’ official website for bookings & more, FOLLOW him on Twitter, and FOLLOW & LIKE his fan pages.

Photo Credit: YOUTUBE(Reggie Haynes Account)

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