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Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing a talented individual who has been on Black Talent TV before with one of his projects and it is Christian Smooth. For those who do not know, Smooth is a director, writer, executive producer, author, and actor. On top of that, Smooth even does some great claymation that will amaze you.

According to his bio, “Smooth is a native of Annapolis, MD and graduate of Morgan State Universities Screenwriting and Animation program.” Smooth’s “strong passion for storytelling and visual arts borders obsession. His mission is to create interesting stories that will leave an imprint on your mind.” One of his web series, The Student Body, is featured on Black Talent TV with seven episodes and the eighth one is on the way! Check out my interview with Smooth where I ask him about The Student Body, what’s NEXT for him, and more!

  1. While growing up, was being in the entertainment industry a goal of yours? Why?

Honestly it wasn’t.  I wanted to be a scientist when I was growing up.  I was inspired by Bill Nye and Dexter’s Lab. They were two of my favorite shows growing up along with many others.  My journey to join the ranks of the entertainment industry began when I started reading comic books in middle school.  I wanted to tell the same type of interesting Stories I was reading week to week.  To make a long story short my initial goal was to write comic books.  Film was an afterthought.

  1. What’s your favorite project(web series, films) that you’ve worked on? Why?

C’mon man, you already know it’s The Student Body. It’s a lot of fun to work on, and I enjoy watching people act out the crazy things that I write

  1. You wrote an amazing book titled MR. ILLUSTRIOUS. How did you come up with that writing this interesting story?

I wrote Mr. Illustrious as a request for a young lady I was talking to at the time.  After she read a sex scene in a book I was working on at the time.  I was going through a few things at the time I was writing the initial story.  I got into the college I wanted to go to and had to come back home because I was placed into a very unfortunate predicament.  I was in love with someone who didn’t feel the same way back.  I began to study the Black History that wasn’t taught to me in school.  Because of that I began to develop a militant mindset.  All of those factors lead to the creation of Mr. Illustrious.

  1. You’ve also done some claymation work, which is great and very interesting. How did you get into this? 

I wanted to do an animation sequence for episode 4 of The Student Body. A guy who worked for my professor suggested that I do the sequence as a claymation because it was cheaper than what I wanted to do, which was a full traditional animation. 

  1. Currently, you’ve got a web series out titled THE STUDENT BODY. How did you come up with the storyline to that?

The short answer to that question is people watching, and thinking about the most things that can happen to people.

  1. What has been your favorite episode to film? Why?

Hmm it’s a tossup between episode 4 and 7.  I love episode 4 because it’s about track, and it’s the first time I experimented with claymation. I love episode 7 because it has the strongest story in series, and it’s the closest ice gotten so far to looking like a traditional TV show.

  1. You’ve done a bit of acting in the web series and even in other projects. Any plans for more acting for you in the future? Why?

(laughs) It’s so funny because I am camera shy, but yes I am going to be doing more acting, especially in The Student Body.  Because it’s not a episode of the show if I am not in it.

  1. What can fans expect for future episodes of The Student Body?

You can expect episodes about controversial topics, a possible name change to the show.  You can expect to see a story arc structure similar to comic books.  This is currently the approach to the season of The Student Body.  This story arc is called Dream Visions.  The next one will be called “The Pride.”

  1. What advice would you give to someone who wants to go into directing/acting/writing?

Don’t follow what’s popular, and use your imagination.  Tell the stories that you think that are lacking in the world.  Above all else–PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP.  Filmmaking is stressful, and you’re not always going to get what you want.  Stay positive and always look ahead.  Oh and copy right your scripts.  They’re some shady people in the game with zero integrity.

  1. What is NEXT for Christian Smooth?

Hopefully a feature film if I can ever finish the script. (laughs)  But honestly, expect me to push the envelope.  My goal is to push the medium.

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