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The second season of the Brandon Kyle & Pentene Monique created web series Dating Savannah Love is FINALLY here! For those who do not know, Dating Savannah Love chronicles the love life of Los Angeles bound Savannah Banks(Donna Cerise), an editor for a bridal magazine, who enters her 30’s and finds herself tied up into her career and single. Having spent most of her adult life focused on success and missing out on love, Savannah is reluctantly convinced by her assistant and friend Valerie(Mandalyn Meades) to take a swim in the online dating pool. As she juggles her career and dating life, Savannah ultimately hopes to find her soul mate somewhere along the way. Dating Savannah Love also features Savannah’s mother Pamela(Gayla Johnson) and Derrick(A.J. Davis), the mail man who likes Savannah.

The first season of Dating Savannah Love ended with Savannah taking a pregnancy test and while taking to her boyfriend Brad(guest star Michael Higgenbottom) at her front door, Pamela brings out the pregnancy test. However, it wasn’t revealed whether the pregnancy test was positive or not but from the look on Savannah’s face when she looked at Brad, it seemed like it could have been positive. Is Savannah pregnant? Will she ever find out the truth about Brad? Will Derrick ever get his chance to confess his feelings to Savannah?

In the season two premiere(titled “A Small World”), Pamela confronts Savannah about the pregnancy test, Derrick learns some shocking info on Brad, Savannah meets with Brad to break the surprising news, and Brad’s estranged wife Erika(guest star Nichole Le Shawn Woods) finds out who Savannah is. YOU can view this episode of Dating Savannah Love below.

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