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After a hiatus, the third season of The Marriage Tour is FINALLY here! For those who do not know, The Marriage Tour is an award winning web series that deals with the highs and lows couples face before, during, and after marriage. Created by David Tinsley and directed by Beth Wallan, The Marriage Tour was even an LA Web Fest 2014 official selection! To refresh your memory from the season two finale, everything seemed to be getting back on track between Brian(Tinsley) & Denise(Chi’Von Golden) until Brian’s ex Karen(guest star Maria Katre) walked out of his room in his button up shirt, Carmen(Jade Johnson) & Andre(Jerrel O’Neal) seemed to have worked everything out, Laura(Tiffany Diaz) & Kyle(Daren Dukes) are on bad terms, and it seemed like Eddie(Keir Thirus) ruined his chance at love with Jessica(Lauryn Whitley).

As a fan of the show, I’m really excited to find out what happens next with the main characters. I’m also ecstatic that Whitley is now an official cast member since Jessica’s chemistry with Eddie is really nothing short of magical. I really hope that Brian & Denise get back together and that Laura & Kyle work out their differences. However, I have a feeling that each couple is going to go through even more hurdles this season.

In the season three premiere(titled “Back To The Basics”), Eddie opens up to Brian about his mishaps with Jessica and he also criticizes Brian for his lack of urgency with getting Denise back. YOU can view the season three premiere of The Marriage Tour below.

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Photo Credit: The Marriage Tour’s YOUTUBE Account

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