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A new web series is joining the Black Talent TV family and the title of this one is really interesting. Written & directed by Keith Erik, Where I’m From is a drama-series that journeys through the lives of two teenage boys when they discover, after 16 years, that they are brothers and try to forge a relationship….OR NOT.

Malachai is 16 years old and lives in the inner-city of Baltimore with his maternal grandmother. There, he tries to assume the role as “man of the house”, while trying to excel academically so that he can ultimately make a better life for him and his grandmother. It’s not easy, however. Malachai is constantly faced with the challenges and temptations of inner-city living… the life that on the outside looking in, seems so easy to live.

Isaiah is 17 years old and was adopted at the age of 5 by the Fullers. Although Pat and Rodney Fuller are filthy rich, it does little to heal the emotional emptiness that Isaiah feels, especially because their lifestyles are maintained by careers that hardly allow them to be at home where they can show Isaiah the love and attention that he desperately seeks. With all that they deal with on a daily basis, the news that “You have a brother” will either make it better…or make it worse. Where I’m From tells the story.  

Where I’m From stars Johnny Christos, Teresa Davis, Tiffini-Michelle Davis, Angelo Dean, Sean Dean, Stephanie Laurie, Robert D. Mason, Cori Quinn, and Brandon Waddy. In the season premiere(titled “No Cut Cards”), more than a decade of separation and facing completely different circumstances, brothers are suddenly reunited. Is blood truly thicker than water? YOU can view the premiere of Where I’m From below.

VISIT the Where I’m From official site.

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