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Another new web series is joining the Black Talent TV family and it’s one created by an amazing start up ADORED by Black Talent TV, DAP Media Group, and myself. Titled Black Women in Tech, this Blavity created six-part web series features entrepreneurial women who hold positions at Google, Facebook and a variety of emerging startups. The series delves into the unique experiences of professionals who range in age, background, career and workplace. Despite differences, each of their stories has one commonality-they are all black women working in Silicon Valley where they are a part of a scarce minority.

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Just in case you didn’t know, Blavity is a new tech media startup that is on a journey to tell diverse narratives, push culture, and ultimately shift the conversation, which Black Women in Tech will ultimately do. The first episode has been released and focuses on Dara Wilson from Google. In the episode, she discusses being black in San Francisco, working at Google, and self care. FOLLOW Dara on Twitter, VISIT her site/blog, and CHECK OUT her very own talk show with Courtney Thomas. Check out the first episode of Black Women in Tech below.

VISIT Blavity’s official website, FOLLOW Blavity on Twitter, and FOLLOW the site on Instagram.

Photo Credit: YOUTUBE(Blavity/Black Women in Tech)

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