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After a long hiatus, Karlton T. Clay’s critically acclaimed & award winning web series The Lyons Den is FINALLY back! For five seasons, The Lyons Den entertained viewers with episodes that always left them wanting more. From confrontations to shocking revelations, it seemed like the Lyons siblings couldn’t properly mourn the death of their father without having to deal with more curve balls than anyone should have to deal with.

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Season five of The Lyons Den left off with everything seeming pretty calm between all of the Lyons siblings and their respective family & friends who got thrown into the mix. Although the dynamic between Keysha(Shantelle Wheeler), Sean(Clay), Aisha(Antrinese Snell), Malcolm(Torrence White), Ryan(D.J. Jackson), Norman(Michael G. Williams), Raven(Victoria Wilson), and J.C.(Sam Evans) might not ever be perfect, it was good to see them come together towards the end of season five. I even liked the scene where Malcolm & Ryan played basketball together and Ryan referred to Malcolm as his “big brother.”


For season six, I’m really excited to see what has happened with the Lyons siblings and their respective family & friends. I really hope that all of the siblings have gotten closer to each other and constantly keep in touch. I hope to see Keysha in a new relationship that makes her happy while I also hope Ryan & Bobbi(Shatareia Stokes) are still happily togerher. As for Sherrí(Reishal Monique), I hope she’s remained cordial with all of the Lyons family for the sake of her sons, Noah & Jonah(Noral & Jonah Quarles). With Sean leaving to get closer to his brothers in Virginia, I hope their relationship is solid. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that there’s going to be even more craziness with the Lyons family in this new season!

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In the season six premiere(titled “Starting Over”), it’s been 2 years since most of the Lyons siblings said goodbye to Augusta, GA, and each of them have moved on with their lives following the traumatic years of dealing with the death and secrets of William Lyons, but as Sherrí deals with a devastation, Sean may be in trouble. Season six of The Lyons Den stars Shantelle Wheeler, Shatareia Stokes, Karlton T. Clay, Reishal Monique, and Noah & Jonah Quarles, as well as Courtney Gray(Karma) as one of many new characters in the new season. This episode guest stars Renetta DuBose, White, Altina Menefee, Snell, Terrence Wilson, Lexyy Collier, and D.J. Jackson, with Kendra Clay(aka Life Under Virtue) singing the theme song. YOU can view the season six premiere of The Lyons Den below.

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In the second episode of season six(titled “The Struggle Is Real”), Sean tries to work his way back into his ex-girlfriends’ lives; meanwhile, Aisha and Malcolm must deal with the revelation that Malcolm has a son. This episode guest stars White, Snell, Courtney Dionne, Fatima Gaskins, Wilson, and Collier. YOU can view this episode of The Lyons Den below.

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