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No stranger to Black Talent TV, Lusive is an amazing rapper who is non-stop on putting out phenomenal music with great rhymes. For those who do not know, the North East Bronx, NY was the starting point for Lusive. He continues to embrace hip-hop but continues to have different musical influences such as classical, blues, pop and R&B. Lusive has always enjoyed performing in front of a large mass of audience–showing the world his musical talent. He was introduced to musical instruments such as the piano and the violin, which lead to dance and writing songs. He started recording all over New York City by the age of 17 and continued to keep performing for his supporters.

This time, Lusive and his Frxxlancx camp debut their first collaborative Frxx mix to DJ Khaled’s hit song “How Many Times.” The Frxxlancx mix features R&B singer Shavaar’s melodic singing on the chorus, Chief Marley’s aggressive punchy lines, Lusive’s unique flow, and Eris Dublin barred up verse, which creates a musical gumbo pot for listeners. This track is the lead off from their upcoming collective mixtape Land of the Frxx, which you can expect later on in 2015.


While I’m a fan of DJ Khaled’s original mix, I really like the Frxx mix of “How Many Times” and even had to replay it a few times. Listen to the FrxxLancx mix of “How Many Times” below.

YOU can FOLLOW Lusive on TwitterInstagram, and Tumblr, LIKE him on Facebook, and visit his SoundCloud, Reverbnation, and Youtube page.

Photo Credit: SOUNDCLOUD/Lusive/Frxxlancx

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