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Recently, I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with a talented individual who is on his way to stardom and that person is Reggie Haynes! Originally from Houston, TX, Haynes is an inspiring actor, musician, athlete, and motivation speaker. Growing up had its challenges for Reggie but in the sixth grade, he was well known for his athletic skills as he played Football. Throughout college, he used writing music and stories to let out his anger and what was going on in his life. He has a lot of aspirations and is ready to take on all of them! Haynes is the star and creator of two amazing web series, Road to Publicity and Roomies, as well as a multi-part documentary titled #WhoIsReggieHaynes where he discusses his upbringing and career.

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Check out my interview with Haynes below where he discusses his web series, musical inspirations, what’s next for him, and more.

  1. Despite initially going into sports, did you ever have a desire to do something in the arts while growing up?

I always wanted to be a wrestler. I was a huge fan. Next to that and sports I was a huge fan of movies and shows so my biggest kept secret was me wanting to be an actor.

  1. How did you come up with the concept for Road to Publicity?

A while ago I had an online radio show and it went very well while I was in college and I would always day dream about different scenarios and Road to Publicity was the first thing that came to mind. So I guess those things together, plus a few other things brought that idea to life.

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  1. You also created another amazing web series called Roomies. How did that come about?

Roomies came about because my manager and I wanted to take YouTube a little bit further so I gave him the idea of a puppet. He then agreed and seeing that I wanted to do another Web Series in the line of my first one he added his story with mine involving the puppet and we came up with Roomies The Web Series.

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  1. From both web series, what has been your favorite episode to film? Why?

From Road to Publicity, my favorite episode would have to be the ones filmed in New York because the acting was better, the quality was better, and everything was just put together so well. For Roomies, I believe the best episode has not come yet but I will say that 90% of Roomies the Web Series is better than Road to Publicity.

  1. You’ve recently done a multi-part documentary on yourself. What made you decide to start this project?

The death of my best friend caused me to start my documentary #WhoIsReggieHaynes. Many people think it is all about me but in the end of this Twenty Part Documentary you will see that it is explaining truth of the world that we are living in. So I guess that was a big part of us starting this documentary.


  1. If you could, which current actor and/or actress would you love to work with? Why?

Any actor or actress that I have worked with or will work with in the future are the best people I can choose to say I enjoy working with because they are choosing to take away from their precious time to act with a guy like me. I am honored.

  1. You are also an amazing musical artist. Who were your musical inspirations growing up?

I appreciate that compliment Phil but I am nobody special I am just a symbol. My musical inspirations were almost everyone from the 70s, Z Ro, Mystikal, Eminem, and Tupac.

  1. If you had the chance, which singer would you love to work with? Why?

If Tupac and Whitney Houston were still here, I’d want to work with them.

  1. What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into acting, singing, or just in the entertainment world overall?

My advice would be don’t buy into any of it but enjoy it and stay positive no matter what while doing so. Once you start losing love for doing something that you love to do once the business side gets involved then you are most likely screwed.

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  1. What is NEXT for Reggie Haynes?

We will be working on Roomies Season 3 soon, I am also going to possibly start a small Web Series by the name of House of Reggie’s, and I will keep trying to spread positivity through the medium of YouTube.

VISIT Reggie Haynes’ official website for bookings & more, FOLLOW him on Twitter, FOLLOW him on Instagram, and FOLLOW & LIKE his fan pages.

Photo Credit: Reggie Haynes’ official site/Instagram

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