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There’s a new short film that’s going to be released soon and it’s a dramatic narrative titled 3 Blind Boys on the Block. Written, directed, and executive produced by Alan R.H. Nettles, 3 Blind Boys on the Block is about identity from the black man’s perspective. It is a story that features three young, African American men living in a working class neighborhood. Each of them is vastly different from their individual personalities to their physical presence. A young, female reporter regarding a tragic crime that occurred in their community interviews them. The reporter happens to be black herself. She is the acclaimed, “model” citizen for black women in the 21st century. She has arrived. Her character looks down upon other people of color due to their social and economic backgrounds. As she interviews these men, she soon realizes that it is she who is blind.

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According to Nettles, the short film is a “passion project” for him. “There are not enough stories being told from the black perspective in this country,” he continues. “I think this is a poignant issue that must be delicately discussed in the community. As a young black man in America, I am stereotyped and judged on a daily basis. My struggle with identity manifested itself from adolescence to adulthood.”

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3 Blind Boys on the Block stars Terra Strong, A. Todd Baker, Marcus Desean Jackson, Fiona Soul, Rebecca Lines, A. Michelle Harleston, Marquez Jackson, and Kameron Roy. The film is produced by Moving4Ward Productions, which is a “startup production company that specializes in the advancement of diversity within the entertainment industry particularly in the areas of film and television.” The company’s mission is “to develop and produce new forms of film and television. We specialize in the comedic and dramatic genres of cinema that seek positivism as well as entertainment. Our motto: We live, we laugh, we love, we matter.”

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While film is scheduled for release in October 2015, check out the trailer to 3 Blind Boys on the Block below.

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Photo Credit: Alan Nettles/Moving4ward Productions/3 Blind Boys on the Block

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