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Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to interview Nina Hibbler-Webster, an actress who stars in one of my new favorite web series, The Rules of Messin’ Around.  According to her official website, Hibbler-Webster is also a vocalist and model originally from Missouri. In her spare time, Nina enjoys playing volleyball and basketball as well as doing furniture restoration, interior decorating and all things arts & crafts. Her acting resume includes theater productions In The Pastor’s Shadow and House of Harts, as well as films like Leto and Brought Me This Far. Hibbler-Webster has also done photo shoots for Brides Noir Magazine and Urban Living Magazine. I believe it’s safe to say that Hibbler-Webster is a Jane of All Trades.

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Check out my interview with Hibbler-Webster where she discusses season two of The Rules of Messin’ Around, her dream role, her favorite photo shoot, and more!

  1. Growing up, did you know that you wanted to get into acting or singing?

No, not at all—I’ve always been a singer ever since I could talk. It became my way into acting. I was approached by a writer/director after singing in a black history month showcase about reading for a singing role in a big production. Before I knew it, I was bit by the acting bug. Shout out to Roger “Teco” Trent for “discovering” me.(LOL)

  1. You’ve done web series, films, and even theater. What has been your favorite role so far? Why? 

Wow. That’s a great question! It’s so HARD to choose! I would have to say a recent role I played in Songs For Our Sons(Destiny Theatre Experience) where I played a mother whose teenage son was killed by a man who felt threatened by the color of his skin. It paralleled much of what’s happening today and why the #blacklivesmatter movement began. The role was very meaningful and powerful. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much on stage in one role.


  1. You are part of the web series The Rules of Messin’ Around. Why did you decided to audition for the role of Patrice?

Well, I was kept in mind for a role in the series although I still had to decide whether or not the role was for me. Patrice is pretty scandalous I must say.(LOL) Patrice was slightly different from the previous roles that I’ve done and I’m always looking to expand who I am as an actress and stretch myself a little by taking on different types of roles. 

  1. Despite the fact that Patrice was messing around on Lawrence, are there any similarities between you and her?

Oh noooo!(LOL) I feel that Patrice is pretty selfish, doesn’t own her faults, and lives life without thinking about tomorrow… none of which is me. (In) Season 2, she may exhibit some Nina-like behavior.

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  1. Even though it’s a bit early, what can fans expect from season two of The Rules of Messin’ Around?

There are some new additions to the cast which will add an additional layer to the series. There will be a lot going on and we’ll get to see a deeper look into the situations and lives that season 1 introduced. Oh it gets interesting.

  1. What would be your dream role? (Example: playing Michelle Obama in a movie, playing a fashion designer in a project, etc.)

It’s funny that you mentioned Michelle Obama because I would love to play her in a film. 


  1. If you had the chance, which singer would you love to sing with? Why?

I would have to say Patti Labelle. I grew up listening to her and actually honed my vocals by trying to imitate her as a kid. She’s a vocal beast and one of the greatest of all time.

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  1. You’re also a model and out of all the shoots you’ve done, which has been your favorite?

I would have to say the “I Matter” campaign for Lifeway. It included an interview which dived into why we believed that we mattered in this world. I thought it was a great thing they did to empower and motivate people.

  1. What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue a singing/acting career?

Work on being your best self. Don’t take everything that lands on your plate. It’s ok to say no. Don’t waste time trying to pry open closed doors. Enjoy what you’re doing. Try new things, different genres, styles, etc… They all add to your growth.  


  1. What is NEXT for Nina Hibbler-Webster?

Whenever I make plans, God seems to change them. I’m keeping my mind, eyes, and heart open for what’s next. God seems to bless me with beyond what I think I can do. Whenever “it” happens, I will share it on my social media pages. I promise.

VISIT Nina Hibbler-Webster’s official website, FOLLOW her on Twitter, and FOLLOW her on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Nina Hibbler-Webster/Strong Will Entertainment/The Rules of Messin’ Around

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