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After two seasons of The Inner Circle: Houston and one season of The Inner Circle: Dallas, creator Zachariyah O’Neal has decided to combine both reality web series to create one—The Inner Circle: Texas! Yes, both casts of #InnerCircleHOU and #InnerCircleDAL will be in ONE show.

Premiering this October, #InnerCircleDAL cast members Khristina Calloway, Kayla Cory, Edgar Garcia, and Darius Hunter return with #InnerCircleHOU alums London Owens, Christopher Coleman, and Erica Wilson. #InnerCircleTX cast will be joined by two new ladies—Candice McCoy and Latoya Williams. Mama Trice will also be making appearances during the season.

Not too long ago, I had the chance to interview each of the cast members and today’s interview is with Darius. During #InnerCircleDAL, Darius was caught in the feud between Khristina, Edgar, and Kayla but in the end, he ended up having his own feud with the latter two. Check out my interview with Darius where he talks about his favorite moment from #InnerCircleDAL, who he’s closest to from #InnerCircleHOU, and more below.

1. After watching The Inner Circle: Dallas, is there anything that you would’ve changed or done differently? Why?

I would’ve changed my aggressive behavior. Being violent is not in my nature and I hate that side came out of me last season. I really regret putting my hands on Edgar.

2. What is your favorite moment from #InnerCircleDAL?

It would have to be when all of us got together and getting  to know each other before things took a turn for the worst.

3. With The Inner Circle: Texas, were you excited or nervous about combining your cast with the The Inner Circle: Houston cast? Why?

I really don’t know anyone from the Houston cast. I didn’t really feel any certain way, but I do feel like they wanted more air time since I heard that they were getting cancelled.


4. Who from #InnerCircleHOU are you closest to after filming #InnerCircleTX?

I would say Erica. I feel like she is a sister to me. I feel like I can reach out to her and share anything with her without any judgement or criticism.

5. What your thoughts on the new girls, Toya & Candice?

Toya seems very sweet and I feel like if she is provoked she can be crazy. Candice seems cool but I feel like she is very shady. She says one thing and does another.

6. Describe this season of #InnerCircleTX in three words.

Crazy. Messy. Fun.

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