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Successful writer, director, producer, and actor Karlton T. Clay has outdone himself once again! After a sixth successful season of The Lyons Den and an upcoming third season of his critically acclaimed Karma, Clay is back with a third web series—Lover’s Lane. As a fan of Clay’s, I’m expecting Lover’s Lane to include just as much twists and turns, if not more, than his other critically acclaimed web series.

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In Lover’s Lane, there is no shortage of sex, lies, and secrets. This exciting web series stars Kevin J. Stone, Shatareia Stokes, Nelson J. Davis, Ashley V. Bagley, Felicia Renee, Eric Martinez, Javetta Williams, Ernest Jam, and Nicole Crump. In the series premiere(titled “Welcome to Lover’s Lane”), Malachi and Cynthia deal with their intimacy issues while Bridgett confronts her husband about his work relationships. 

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Even before commenting on the episode, I have to commend Clay for an outstanding opening sequence that I feel resembles an infamous soap opera, The Young and the Restless. Even the dramatic music throughout the episode made me feel like I was watching a soap opera. I feel bad for Malachi & Cynthia but I think he needs to be truthful with her since it’s obvious he’s probably not physically attracted to her. However, it is obvious that he is attracted to the new girl in the neighborhood since he had a boner. As for Bridgett, I like that she’s not afraid to voice her opinion and while her husband might be naïve, I agree with her that Monica seems sneaky. Is she going to go for Bridgett’s husband? And who does Malachi’s brother owe money too? I guess all will be revealed and more during this season of Lover’ Lane and I cannot wait!

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